Passionate Ultrarunner & Endurance Running Coach from the United Kingdom

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Adventure, competition and enrichment are three reasons why I love being a trail runner. I am a passionate athlete and endurance running coach from the UK.  


I found my real love for the sport when I started coaching runners. Helping people to achieve their goals energises me. I work with all levels of athlete, from beginners to elites, all over the world.


Using scientifically backed and experience based methods, I coach all levels of athlete from beginners to elites. Creating goal driven annual training plans and working one on one with athletes every week to help them strive for success.


It doesn't matter where in the world you are, we can work together using Training Peaks online software and daily communications.

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Training camps are a great way to learn, have fun and see some amazing places. 

We organise camps in the UK and internationally and you can either book a place on one of our organised camps, or enquire about arranging a camp for a small group of your own.

All camps are planned and delivered by the E3Coach Team.


As the founding member of Bristol Trail Runners adventure running club, I work with over 150 athletes, arranging runs and organising run leaders around Bristol and in the nearby mountains and national parks. 

I also founded Over The Fells, a mountain athletics and nutrition blog for runners, climbers and hill walkers.

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