I am an enthusiastic and goal driven trail runner and running coach from the United Kingdom. As an athlete, I take part in many trail running disciplines from ultrarunning to fell running and mountain running. Competing however is not why I run every day. It's more the other way round. I compete so I can train and spend as much time as possible on the trails and in the hills. I would describe it more as a seeking of enrichment, fulfilment and adventure. The competitions just keep me motivated. 

I am grateful to the brands that support me and make all of this possible. Precision Hydration provide me with the knowledge and products I need to do what I do, Hard Bar supply me with all natural, organic and eco friendly bars to fuel my sessions and Jon Fearne from E3Coach.com has mentored me, coached me and drastically expanded my knowledge and capabilities. 

I have been enjoying running for years now, but I did not find my real love for the sport until I started working with other runners. This first started when I founded Bristol Trail Runners adventure running club. This is a club for athletes of all abilities, from beginners to elites. Many have joined as 2k runners and now run 10k, while some half marathoners are now running ultras, and some ultrarunners are now claiming podium spots. It is wonderfully fulfilling to see athletes so motivated, and progress well within the club.

Since I started working for E3Coach as an endurance running coach, I have developed a real love for coaching other athletes. I enjoy studying the science of running and learning from my peers and am confident that I have what it takes to coach an athlete of any level and improve their performance. I work with runners of all abilities, from beginners to elites, setting goals and achieving them. 

I have always been a fan of writing. That is what led to Over The Fells, a blog I created in March 2020 with one goal, to make sure anyone reading it had access to accurate and interesting information to help them progress, enjoy themselves, and throw themselves into various adventures. If you want to read about my projects or collaborate, visit the projects page

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