About Me

I am an enthusiastic and goal driven trail runner and endurance running coach from the United Kingdom. As an athlete, I take part in many trail running disciplines from ultrarunning to fell running and mountain running. Competing however is not why I run every day. It's more the other way round. I compete so I can train and spend as much time as possible on the trails and in the mountains. I would describe it more as a seeking of enrichment, fulfilment and adventure. The competitions just keep me motivated. 

I am grateful to the brands that support me in my endeavours. These brands include Precision Hydration who have helped me optimise my hydration strategy and educated me on hydration allowing me to help my coached athletes in the same way. I am also supported by Tribe who provide me with excellent nutrition solutions and coffee for runners brand 2 Inches Taller.

I started running about five years ago, but I found my real love for the sport when I started working with other runners. This first started when I founded a local adventure running club called Bristol Trail Runners. We now have over 150 members who enjoy 20 club runs and 4 coached sessions every month. We run as a club on many trails around Bristol and also regularly further afield in places like the Brecon Beacons, Dartmoor and the Lake District. It has been inspiring seeing so many success stories from our members.

My love for working with other runners slowly led me to becoming an endurance running coach. I study personal training, nutrition and hydration and I was mentored by successful endurance coach, Jon Fearne. I decided to take up coaching full time, and wanted to build a coaching service where athletes get a coach who cares about them and uses the best, science backed, tried and tested methods to achieve their desired results.

I coach beginners, elites, and enjoy the different challenges that various ability athletes bring to the table. Click the button below to learn more about becoming a coached athlete.