About Me

I am an enthusiastic trail and ultra runner from the United Kingdom. I take part in many trail running disciplines like Fell Running, XC and marathon running but my main focus is mountain ultra running. 

Since starting my trail running journey in 2017, I have competed in various events. I finished 5th in the Mendip Marauder 50 miler, 6th in the Portsmouth Waterside 50k and 3rd in the Chepstow 365. 

This year, I am fully focused on the 50k distance. With coaching from Tom Evans and Team Project Run, I will be racing at the Swiss Alps 100 (50k), Lake District 50k (Maverick) and Kullamanen by UTMB 50k. 

My favourite aspect of trail running is the teamwork. It is widely known as a solo sport, but I disagree with this claim. I founded Bristol Trail Runners in 2019 which has since been dubbed one of the most adventurous running clubs in the UK, and I host a range of training camps throughout the spring and summer of each year. The teamwork and friendships formed at these events make me proud of what I do, and make trail running the most exciting sport in the world. 

I am grateful to the brands that support me in my endeavours. Precision Fuel & Hydration have sponsored me since 2019 and have taught me a lot about optimal hydration and nutrition allowing me to race at my full potential. I became part of Team Project Run in 2022 which has become an essential education, support and coaching platform for me.


My upcoming races:

18th May 2022 - Mendips 22km (Maverick)

13th August 2022 - Swiss Alps 100 (50k)

10th September 2022 - Lake District 50k (Maverick)

15th October 2022 - Jurassic Coast 20k (Maverick)

5th November 2022 - Kullamannen by UTMB (50k)

My recent races:

19th December 2021 - Portsmouth Coastal Ultramarathon 50k (6th place finish)

14th November 2021 - Chepstow 365 (3rd place finish)

7th August 2021 - Mendip Marauder 50 Miler (5th place finish)


Outside of running, I am a Technical Director for a network infrastructure company called Protek Systems Ltd and I am grateful for their support and flexibility in allowing me to achieve my goals. Working for a company which allows people to have a secure work life balance is something I consider myself lucky to have. 

When I am not working or training, I am usually busy managing Bristol Trail Runners or organising training camps. Bringing people together on the trails is rewarding like nothing else, and memories on both of these projects are among some of the best memories I have. 

If you want to find out about my upcoming training camps, hit the button below.