Athlete Testing

I offer a variety of fitness and laboratory based tests which are extremely useful tools for athletes. 

Learn more about your body, and how you can optimise your training, nutrition and hydration to improve your performance.

All test costs include my support and feedback to help you train right, fuel right and perform right. 

Details of all available tests and analysis below can be found below. My coached athletes receive these tests at a discounted rate. Find out more on my coaching page.


Precision Hydration Sweat Testing
£90 Per Test / Discount for group bookings


Many athletes fail to pay much attention to how much sodium is in their sweat. This can be a big mistake as a sodium deficiency (caused by too much water/not enough sodium) can cause cramp, poor performance and hyponatremia which can be fatal in extreme cases.

The amount of sweat/sodium lost can vary up to 15 times between seemingly similar individuals. Everyone loses a different amount of sodium in their sweat, from as little as 200mg per litre of sweat, to as much as 2000mg per litre. This is largely genetically determined.

This means that a 'one size fits all', off the shelf approach doesn't work when it comes to hydration. In partnership with Precision Hydration, I offer in house sweat testing and a mixture of PH products that meet your individual needs. 

During the testing process, I will test your sweat to find out how much sodium you lose and provide you with a strategy and advice sheet.

This test is free for premium or elite coached athletes.

Vo2 Max & Lactate Transition Testing
£185 Per Test

Image by Scott Graham

Test your Vo2 max and Lactate Transition at Bath University. 

This takes maybe 90 min per person (not all exercise) and comes with a full 13 page personal report and the chance to ask questions once you have the report.

Learn about your fitness levels, gauge improvements, set your zones and use the data to train smart.


This test can be run, bike, or row based and you can test multiple sports at a discounted rate.

+£45 for a 1 hour consultation with Joe to go through your results & learn how to apply them to your training. 

This test and consultation is free for premium or elite coached athletes.

Nutrition Analysis & Feedback
£135 Per Analysis

Image by Dan Gold

Are you eating the right food, the correct amount and the optimal nutrients to perform at your best? Find out with a nutrition analysis and feedback report. 

I will ask you to complete a three day food diary to gather information for my analysis.

I will then analyse the food that you are eating compared with your training schedule and provide you with a full report.

The report will include what you are doing right, suggestions for improvement and some handy links to more information.

This test is free for premium or elite coached athletes​.


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