Should You Hire A Running Coach?

So you have been running for a while, you've got the bug, and you're considering hiring a running coach to take you to the next level. That's great! I have put together five points to think about before hiring your coach and listed them below. If you have any questions about coaching, please do not hesitate to contact me.

1 - How Bad Do You Want It?

You're probably eyeing up all kinds of awesome goals. Maybe a distance you haven't run before, a race in the mountains, your first 10k or anything in between! Chances are, they seem miles off and you may have little knowledge on how to get yourself to that level.

Hiring a coach takes this off your hands. A good coach will do all of the planning for you, so you can focus on training and fitting in your efforts around your hectic and busy lifestyle. Ask yourself how badly you want to achieve your goals, and use your answer to determine whether hiring a coach is worth it.

2 - How Much Do I Want To Spend?

Coaches can cost anything between £50 to £500+ per month. Make sure you look into what your coach is offering to include in their service. For example, how much attention are you going to get from your coach? How many people does your coach train (coaches with hundreds of clients won't give you much attention)? Do they include extra services like lab testing, training camps and nutrition advice?

Most coaches offer their services in an 'all inclusive' type bundle, so it is worth checking this before making a commitment. If, like me, coaches offer a range of different bundles. Really have a think about which one best suits you.

3 - Can I Just Coach Myself?

That totally depends on what you are trying to achieve! Coaching can help all abilities of runners reach new levels. If you want to take your running to the next step, you have two options. Either do the research yourself, and coach yourself, or hire a coach to do all of that for you.

A good coach will spend a lot of their time researching, learning, reading new studies and bettering their knowledge. Hiring a coach gives you access to all of the good bits without having to do the reading yourself.

4 - Am I Good Enough To Hire A Coach?

That depends on the coach. Some of them do only work with elites, but many coaches (including me) pride themselves in coaching all abilities. I have coached people to do their first 5k, 10k, marathon, 50k, 50 miler and 100 miler, and all other distances. I have also coached people to win races and break fastest known times.

5 - Can I Commit?

Don't treat coaching as a short term commitment or a quick fix. Training should be viewed as a long term process over months and years. The athletes I have coached for over a year are thriving, and getting better constantly. The athletes I just coached for a single event for a few months achieved their goals, but are now back where they started, since stopping their coaching plans.

Your aerobic capacity, strength and overall cardiovascular fitness improves over years, and even decades. If you keep working on it, you will not stop getting better and better. Commit to the long haul, and you will reap the results.

Finding out more about coaching with Joe Wenman

Thanks for reading my blog post. If you want to find out more about the coaching I have on offer, please visit the coaching page. I have a few spaces left for coached athletes through the 2022 season, but they won't last long, so get in touch and give coaching a try soon!

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